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Speno International – Que faisons-nous?

What do we do?

We design, develop, manufacture, operate and sell machines for reprofiling railway tracks and turnouts. We monitor the reprofiling by measuring profiles and surface defects and document the results.

Who uses Speno?

We maintain railway tracks in Europe and elsewhere for:
As well as our machines, we offer our customers our know-how and competence, producing the best results, with our constantly improving technical support and maintenance processes.

Defining a strategy and controlling costs

We apply all kinds of rail profiles. Our aim: to minimize maintenance costs over a railway’s lifetime.
Speno International – Définir une stratégie et maîtriser les coûts
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Our philosophy

Preventive maintenance and high quality generate the best return on investment.

Why reprofile?

Systematic reprofiling is good for the infrastructure budget and quality, because it:
On ballasted railways, reprofiling:
Long-term reprofiling planning therefore enables cost reduction. Many studies and articles support this conclusion.
Speno International
Speno International – Notre vision pour l’avenir

Our vision for the future

Our commitment
To contribute to the quality, safety and efficiency, both financial and environmental, of rail networks worldwide.
Our values
Excellence, innovation, responsibility.

Our certifications

Bureau Veritas

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Professional Associations

We are members of the following professional associations:
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