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Speno International – A tradition of Innovation

A tradition of innovation

Speno develops new solutions
by analyzing its customers’ expectations.

Speno the Pioneer
Measuring head checks

Speno was a pioneer in the detection of head checks. Nowadays, under increasing loads, these cracks are more widespread. We still innovate as we measure a larger range of fissure (spalling).
Speno the Pioneer Measuring head checks

Contactless measuring

We have developed a contactless cross-sectional measurement technique, and also a longitudinal technique that is a world first.
Speno International – Mesure sans contact
Speno International – Enlèvement de métal: ni trop, ni trop peu

Removal of metal: not too much, nor too little.

Speno is developing an on-board metal removal measurement unit, eliminating the need for the operator to get down onto the track.


Speno has developed the continuous Metal Removal Measurement (MRM). By combining MRM through on-board systems with Longitudinal Profile Measurement (LPM), Transversal Profile Measurement (TPM), and Track Gauge Measurement (TGM), our equipment provides a complete and accurate evaluation of the rail condition before and after reprofiling.
Integrating these measurements guarantees the high productivity of our machines and provides real-time visualization of rail defects. These remote measurements reduce the need for operators intervention on the rails, thereby increasing safety.

Innovation “made by Speno” in a few dates

Innovation “made by Speno” in a few dates
Innovation “made by Speno” in a few dates