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Speno International – QHSE est synonyme de confiance. Speno International – QHSE Stands for Confidence

QHSE stands for confidence

The QHSE Service covers all processes relating to quality, staff health, accident prevention and the environmental impact of our activities. In 1995, Speno was the first rail grinding contractor to receive the ISO 9001 certification.

Q for quality at all levels

Q for quality at all levels

Speno aims to satisfy its customers with the quality of its services.

Speno has ISO 9001 certification.

Ongoing improvement and the involvement of the whole Speno team are crucial to our long-term success.

Q for quality at all levels

H for staff

Speno implements preventive precautions in the areas of health and safety, with the aim of zero accidents.

We have ISO 45001 certification (protection of occupational health).

Speno International – S comme sécurité avant tout

S for safety first

Safety is our priority.
It is the common thread of all our site procedures.
Speno has ISO 45001 certification (prevention of accident risk).

Speno International – E comme environnement moins impacté

E for environment enhanced

The reprofiling of rails constitutes added value for the environment. It increases the service life of the rail and reduces the consumption of energy and raw material.

Speno is certified as per:

Other standards?

Speno also has “supplier qualifications” in several countries. For example:
Speno International – Autres normes
Speno International – Et le développement durable

And sustainable

Speno actively undertakes activities, which improve sustainable development.